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Welcome to our online store! We offer you all kinds of body piercing jewelry including the most common and popular 14 gauge rings and pieces of jewelry of other sizes.
Piercing is an art. Its history goes far deep into ancient times. This kind of body-art was first mentioned already in the Bible. mong the vraam's gifts to Revecca there was a ring for nose piercing. t the tribes of ancient ztecs tongue piercing was widespread. In such way they got the right to communicate with gods. In Egypt the navel barbell was a sign of belonging to imperial family. The purposes of piercing nowadays are various. Piercing can serve as an alternative to plastic operation visually correcting the defects of appearance. It can be used just as a decorating item. The representatives of the youth make piercing to express their own style and to show their attitudes towards social institutions and religion. Earrings will add failing part to your image, a pierced belly looks very pretty during the dance. Pierced nose bridge and eyebrow straight barbell will attract a lot of attention to you person.
t 14 we offer you different jewelry pieces for ear piercing, belly button piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, lip piercing also called commonly as labret piercing, tongue piercing, nipple piercing and both male and female piercing. mong variety of forms, shapes, styles, colors and materials you'll find what you need to make your body express yourself in your own way.
Tiffany curved ball barbell, lozenge spiral barbell, hexa spike and ball curved barbell, flower cone and acrylic dice curved barbell will look gorgeous in your navel piercing.
Our lip piercing collection includes UV labrets, acrylic, beach cone and dice labrets, hexa spike, notched and checkered ball labret, half ball and jeweled ball labrets, flower and lozenge labret and various kinds of captive bead rings.
If you are searching for female jewelry or nipple rings we can offer you different kinds of captive bead rings, straight, curved and circular barbells with glow-in-the-dark, UV, glitter, hematite and cat's eye ball, checkered, beach, dice and many other kinds of balls.
mong pieces of jewelry for ear piercing you can find picture barbells, gleam tapers, straight, spiral, twisted and circular barbells, different captive bead rings and many other items.
Nose pins with square and round gems, silver pins with acrylic heart, star or disc, nose screw with half ball or cone and other items you'll find among the collection of nose piercing jewelry.

We also offer you collections of tongue and eyebrow piercing jewelry, various jewelry pieces produced specially for men, piercing supplies and tools. ll pieces of jewelry are represented in various materials including sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, acrylics and others.

We guarantee you the quality of our production. ll items on sale have passed special quality controlling tests. You can feel safe shipping by us because we take care of your credit card information with the help of SSL.

Thank you for visiting 14 We hope that you'll have a good time!

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